Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bhimashankar Blues - A long lost trek and the most memorable one so far!

I know its been a very long time since I have written something let alone blogging.Well today I had to write this to get the "Blues" out of my system.Its been only a day back from bhimashankar and I am already missing the place,the people and the crap that followed!It definitely was a blissful crap.
After so many treks back to back I finally went to a place where I wanted to go desperately for a very long time with a completely new set of people which I am a bit used to now but with people with an amazing sense of humor n brainzzz that dripped wisdom unlimited in the most tacky way.
The journey started with the usual introductions n I met Miss S,Some Freshers including a sweet little virus and the fake firangs "FF"s. It was Ms.S's laughter and innocence which caught me off guard as I was getting used to being a bit vigilant n careful in most of the treks when it came to unknown people.I have to give her the credit for being so sporty as every member of the group had given her a different name starting with "s" which could have added up to 1760 as Mr Tinku said.With this girl I was all in for fun and laughter that echoed through the magnanimous mountain we were about to climb.
We were ascending through Shidi ghat n descending through ganesh ghat as per the plan.Shidi ghat as the name goes had ladders which freaked out every member of the group as it started raining just when we were climbing those ladders.There were three ladders in all and the second one was the worst of all as the ladder was a bit shaky as one took it and the ascend was of course without any help so we were left to deal with our fears on our own.Post this climbing came across a tiny miny waterfall which was a relief after this torrent of adrenaline.We had the longest photo session there with the firangs and Miss S posing till they dropped dead.We were 2 hours behind the scheduled time for lunch and we rushed toward the a settlement with a few huts where we had our lunch.We had just come half way in our journey,the other half was still to be covered when our leader Mr.Tinku enlightened us saying that the remaining journey was comparatively easier.This Mr.Tinku has "Time Dyslexia" never giving the appropriate time taken to cover a patch.But the journey was easier n we took a lot of time to cover it as we were full n the climb was strenuous.
After the final climb came the show time.We i.e the Firangs,Miss S n myself we did a short photo session followed by a khwaja dance sequence beside a lake with the clouds hovering around us(Oh how I wish I had the video now!).One of the firangs was taught the marathi word "Aaicha gho" n he used or misused the word wonderfully popping it up every now n then.We all danced our way with "Aaicha gho gho gho"as our slogan ,shooting n ragging every single trekker in our group irrespective of whether being active or passive.We completed this fancy dance by playing "ringa ringa roses" in the dark which was the ultimate as "all fell down" without actually able to see the place.
The final destination Bhimashankar Temple came into view within minutes of leaving this dancing ground.We left our baggage in the place booked for the night stay n left for the temple.After offering the prayers a tiny group including me,d firangs,miss S,tinku,B2 n a few others got busy with the "pungi".Actually it was the conch blown in the temples but the attempts at blowing them sounded more of a pungi n an assortment of funny sounds except tinku's who was quiet used to this art.
Back to the rooms where we were staying we sang a few songs killing the lyrics till dinner n slept with a lot of laughter n arguments n loads of hush hush as we were not supposed to disturb the other groups.Following morning was again full of noise as we had tried to remember the names of every member and had a serious discussions on mythology and science.This is already a controversial topic and we made it all the more controversial by adding gossip n arguing our hearts out till it was time to leave for Gupt Bhimashankar.
The first five minutes of this route stinked followed by a total green route with waterfalls n insects.A prolonged photo session at this place and we were hungry.Rushing back to our rooms we had a leisure breakfast with votes for whether to go to a place called Nagphani or not.In the end 10 out of the 42 ppl specially the pune crowd left for nagphani n we got ready to descend via ganesh ghat.Of course with tinku leading us we were all fast enough to cover the distance in the stipulated time given by him.
Few people were a bit slow,some got lost thanks to B2 n the bisons and we ended up waiting for them for almost 2 hours playing in the stream n fighting the mosquitoes.
While coming back to Karjat from where we started our journey in a tumtum we sang till our throats became sore.The firangs taught us to make new lyrics n songs n we all tried our hand at it.Train journey back to our respective destinations was more of a continuation of the 2 day blast instead of dampened n tired spirits.Back home I was all smiles n today am missing all of them.
Well I have to mention a few clinchers here:
1)1760 names of Miss S
2)The "FF"s n their bakwas
3)The freshers(how can v forget them,V taught them so much about trekking n nature)
4)Aicha gho Dance
5)Virus n his Nagphani baba act
6)B2 n co.fighting the bisons with paper cutters
7)Dumpy the humpty dumpty man whose name was so funny we just liked pronouncing it
8)The little stupid conversation that we had with everyone and ended up having such a wonderful time.
Thanks to the whole group for such a wonderful time.Sob Sob Sob ........... I am missing u all lots.Hope to catch up with u all someday again!!!!

PS(again) : Trekked on 14-15th august 2009 amidst swine flu drama!

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